August: A Challenging Month for Osprey Chicks

Chesapeake Almanac

Aug 11 2021 • 8 mins

At eight weeks old, osprey chicks are nearly as large as their parents. But learning the skills they need to fly--indeed, just taking that first step--is a daunting challenge. In this episode, John Page shares the skills these youngsters need to learn before they start their migration to South America late next month. And make sure to listen for his tips on how to spot ospreys in flight. Find out more on our https://www.cbf.org/about-the-bay/more-than-just-the-bay/chesapeake-wildlife/ospreys/ (ospreys webpage), check our https://www.cbf.org/about-the-bay/more-than-just-the-bay/chesapeake-wildlife/ospreys/osprey-cam.html#video (osprey cam), or see our https://www.cbf.org/about-the-bay/more-than-just-the-bay/chesapeake-wildlife/ospreys/osprey-tracking-map/ (historical osprey tracking data) from three osprey migrations. https://www.cbf.org/news-media/multimedia/podcasts/chesapeake-almanac/transcript-a-challenging-month-for-osprey-chicks-podcast.html (TRANSCRIPT) Subscribe to our Chesapeake Almanac playlist https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLZl3AavpVQS882rCUi-CREBsfPEPgN0mf (https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLZl3AavpVQS882rCUi-CREBsfPEPgN0mf). Or subscribe on your favorite podcast platform or visit our podcast page at https://www.cbf.org/ChesapeakeAlmanac (https://www.cbf.org/ChesapeakeAlmanac). Chesapeake Almanac is provided by the Chesapeake Bay Foundation - Saving the Bay through Education, Advocacy, Litigation, and Restoration. Find out more about our work to save the Chesapeake Bay and its watershed's rivers and streams, and what you can do to help, at https://www.cbf.org (https://www.cbf.org). These readings are from John Page Williams, Jr.'s book, Chesapeake Almanac: Following the Bay through the Seasons. The publication is available in print at https://www.amazon.com/Chesapeake-Almanac-Following-Through-Seasons/dp/0870334492/ref=sr_1_1 (Amazon.com). Content copyright © John Page Williams, Jr. All rights reserved.