Adoption: The Long View Podcast


From babyhood to school age, through the teenage years and ultimately adulthood, Adoption: The Long View explores all aspects of the adoption journey with a variety of articulate and thought-provoking guests.

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Introducing Adoption: The Long View
Introducing Adoption: The Long View101: Cultivating Openness In Your Adoption102: Birthmother Grief, Healing, and the Importance of Adoption Education103: Inconceivable Yet True104: Ending Shame & Secrecy105: Between the Pain of One Set of Parents and the Joy of Another106: "You're Not My Real Mom!" and Other Real Fears of Adoptive Parents107: My Not-So-Open Kinship Adoption108: Improving Adoption For Everyone109: The Research, Data & Stories Behind Open Adoption110: Figuring Out Open Adoption From Scratch111: The Adopted Baby As A Blank Slate112: The Best Advice for Adoptive Parents from Season 1201: Beyond The Shadow History of Adoption202: How To Be The Adoptive Parent Your Child Needs You To Be203: From Adopting Parent To Adoptive Parent204: Losing My Son Twice205: 4 Myths Adoptive Parents Still Believe206: From Infertility Grief To Adoption207: Do Adoptive Families REALLY Need an Adoption-Competent Therapist?