Building financial literacy from elementary school through adulthood (with Ben Hockema)

De Facto Leaders

Jan 17 2024 • 55 mins

Executive functioning and financial literacy go hand-in-hand; which is why money management should be a part of any K-12 curriculum.

Much of this has to do with self-evaluation, the ability to think into the future, and the understanding of quantitative and temporal concepts.

There are endless digital tools designed to help people manage their finances, but these tools won’t be useful for people who don’t have a solid sense of the quantity or the value of money.

That’s why I invited Ben Hockema to episode 145 of the De Facto Leaders podcast to discuss how we can talk to kids about money and help them develop financial literacy.

Ben is a Certified Financial Planner and the founder and advisor of Illuminate Wealth Management. He works with individuals, families, and small business owners on their full financial picture; everything from cash flow and paying for education to saving and investing for big goals such as retirement, to individual and small business tax planning so that his clients can gain clarity and develop a path that is unique to their own goals, hopes and dreams.

In this conversation, we discuss:

✅How to overcome shame so you can teach kids about money, even if you’re not a financial expert (or don’t think you’re good at money management)

✅How to have intentional conversations that help kids understand the value of money.

✅Making money tangible: How to help kids learn the value behind the numbers

✅What skills and abilities should someone have before they get a credit card?

✅How can families set up boundaries and expectations in their homes when it comes to responsibilities, chores, and earning money.

✅Helping kids navigate earning opportunities such as getting money for chores, getting a job, or starting a side hustle.

You can learn more about Ben’s resources for talking to kids about money here:, and his financial planning services here: You can also connect with him on LinkedIn here:, or learn more about the National Association of Financial Advisors College Affordability Project here:

In this episode, I mention the School of Clinical Leadership, my program that helps related service providers design services that support executive functioning in K-12 settings. You can learn more about the program here:

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