VidAction Podcast

Video Marketing Expert Dane Golden

On the VidAction Podcast, video marketing expert Dane Golden interviews top voices from around the video marketing industry to find out their secrets to success. We give you the best strategy and tips to get the greatest value out of your video marketing budget, and use video to give the greatest value to your potential customers. Focused on helping marketers, businesses, and brands, we talk about both YouTube organic and YouTube paid media, with an eye on strategy, content programming, and optimization. Guests have included Derral Eves, Matt Gielen, Ann Handley, Trena Little, Jeremy Vest, Sean Cannell, Rob Balasabas, Liron Segev, Mark Robertson, Jessica Stansberry, Brendan Gahan, Tom Martin, David Walsh, Desiree Martinez, Ileane Smith, George B. Thomas, Judi Fox, String Nguyen, Anthony Ambriz, Jake Larsen, Tom Breeze, Gwen Miller, Shelly Saves The Day, Renee Teeley, and other leaders in the field of video marketing.

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Software to Make YouTube Better
Apr 3 2023
Software to Make YouTube Better
YouTube is essentially a media software platform. But it can't work entirely alone. Today we'll give you our top software picks to help you do YouTube and video marketing better.SUBSCRIBE TODAY!HOSTS: The Video Marketing Value Podcast is hosted by:- Dane Golden - Gwen Miller - LinkedIn- Shelly Saves The Day - ShellySavesTheDay.comHere's our recommended software tools for this episode:Dane's Recommendations:Embed Plus - Customize your YouTube embedsScreenflow - Easy-to-learn video editing softwarePromptSmart - Teleprompter softwareVimeo - video hostingConvertKit - email serviceIconScout - graphics and Lottiefiles resourcesCustom Thumbnails - thumbnail design servicesShelly's Recommendations:Recut - Removes dead space in your rough-cut files - Save $10Ecamm - My Favorite for Streaming! Try Ecamm for yourself for 14 days FREEInstall TubeBuddy for free to help you get the most out of YouTube! Get 14 days free of TubeBuddy by using this link. Use Code "ShellysBuddy" to save 20%! Descript - video editor Genius Link - make more revenue from your links Canva "Magic Write" - (or other AI help generators, Jasper, ChatGPT) - Shelly's service - Your content, just smaller.Gwen's Recommendations:Google Docs and Google Sheets - get organized Video Teleprompter - teleprompter for your - Editing collaboration softwareNotion - connected workspace for greater productivityVidIQ - YouTube keyword research and recommendationsTubular Labs - social video intelligenceVideoAmigo - all-in-one platform unlocking YouTube insightsSocialBlade - analytics made easy.Noxinfluencer - influencer marketing toolsRev - manual video captionsPhotoshop - photo and graphic editingPremiere - video editing suite