VOLTRON: Legendary Defender (2016) |·| S1.E8 |·| NTtB

No Time To Binge

Aug 30 2021 • 58 mins

This week the gang tries to connect all their pieces to form one GIANT PODCAST along with some metal cats as we try and find time to binge VOLTRON: Legendary Defender!
Tune in and see what questions they might have between S1.Ep1 ("The New Alliance") and S8.Ep13 ("The End is the Beginning").
Now a full time panel member - GEE SEYLER!!!

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No Time To Binge is a tv review show. The difference is, we don't watch the middle episodes. We find popular tv shows we haven't seen, and we ONLY watch the first and lest episodes. Then we chat with an expert on that show and figure out what we missed.
We are an eclectic group of podcasters from all genres;

Bee Hyland is a cos-player and host of Deep Lore and Is This Podcast a JoJo Reference.
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Micheal Colby and Matt Deterior are the gentlemen behind all of Jack Billings presents... Universe.
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Gee Seyler is the co-host with Michael Colby on the new music based generational show called Generation Clash! Find Gee and their new show here:

Zack Wiseman and Dylan Terry are the brain parents of Some Nobodies Media; Silicon Angels, Talking UpStream, Create Your Own PodVenture and The Podcast Podcast: a podcast show. You might have seen them on other shows, like Crossing the Streams or The Reel Boys, but now they are together to skip past a lot of content!
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