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Humanizing Healthcare with Equity - Theresa Demeter MHA - Tegria
Jan 25 2023
Humanizing Healthcare with Equity - Theresa Demeter MHA - Tegria
Tegria (tegria.com) is a nationwide and international consulting firm that works with health organizations, non-profits, and employers to identify improvements in processes and teamwork, and help their patients, audiences, and workers benefit from truly humanized healthcare. Humanized healthcare means that each patient is recognized and treated as the individual each truly is, without cookie cutter approaches, biases imposed by members of the care team or even technology (as you will learn in this Show), or inefficiencies or delays due to cross-discipline lack of teamwork. We learn about barriers to care, which can include appointment and hold times that don’t work for patients in need, geographic or time inaccessibility due to distance, understaffing, or inadequate facilities, and biases that can easily have a negative effect on care due to age, ethnicity, gender, race, or communication ability. We learn too about Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) – how where we live, our socio-economic background, our degree of education, and cultural and physical environments determine up to 80% of our health outcomes, despite the level of care provided. You’ll learn a lot about solutions in this presentation with Theresa Demeter, MHA, the Managing Director of Clinical Solutions, for Tegria, a powerful and successful convergence of health consulting organizations who have deep expertise in analysis, process improvement and technology.