Encore Who WE can be when we GoToHealth!

Go To Health!

Feb 16 2022 • 1 hr

Do you have a health condition you wish would just get better? Would you like to find the motivation to feel healthier and happier with your life? Do you have a family health history which scares you for your future health? Let's talk about how we GoToHealth! Join me, Jonathan Marx, show Founder and Host, as we explore how we can take more control over our lives and health, and find more joy, despite the challenges we have. I've been in communications and education my whole career. I've been in health communications for twenty years, and I am truly inspired by the amazing developments in healthcare, and the increasing encouragement to take care of our own health. Allow me to open up more personally and share with you my vision for sharing health and medical information with you, so that you can be more empowered and fulfilled in your life. GoToHealth!