Adulting Decrypted

Roscoe, Ashton, Gene, and Gideon

We prepare young adults to be independent powerhouses for life.--Who We Are: The Adulting Decrypted team is composed of a Dad and his three sons: Roscoe(Dad - age redacted), Ashton(22), Gene(18), and Gideon(14). How We Started: As a family we have always tried to have at least one meal together daily. The meal that typically ends up being is dinner. One night in particular near the beginning of the COVID pandemic, our conversation started with Roscoe mentioning that he had recently read a news article stating that an Ivy League college was offering “Adulting,” classes. These classes were being offered in the hopes that they might be able to educate students who were struggling with common “Adult” tasks. It didn't make sense to us that someone would have to enroll in an Ivy League school to learn things that nearly every person has to deal with daily. To us it seemed that things like shopping, laundry, mental health, communication, taxes, loans, and so much more should be basic knowledge before taking on the substantial challenges of modern life. Eventually the idea was floated that there should be a podcast that can be accessed for free that would help people gain insight into these things that we thought we knew fairly well. Since COVID-19 had caused unemployment and school schedule changes for all of us we thought that there could be no better thing than for us to take on this challenge. Less than a month later, after several planning meetings and countless hours of research, we had recorded and uploaded our first episode. Now, over a year later, and with nearly 4,000 downloads(total listens) we are going strong, and are more excited than ever to try and assist our peers in the challenges of life. read less