Part 1 ~ Pocketed Story with Entrepreneurs: Brianna Blaney and Aria Hahn

The Canadian Side Hustle And Business Podcast

Mar 28 2022 • 34 mins

Welcome to season three of the Canadian Side Hustle and Business Podcast! This week’s interview is with Brianna Blaney and Aria Hahn, the Co-Founders of  Pocketed -  a technology platform which will generate where the grant money is in Canada and much more. Brianna and Aria will share with you how the idea for Pocketed was seeded and how they validated the concept. As well, Aria shares the very light bulb moment of knowing that entrepreneurship is a career option. This is not their first rodeo in business. Brianna and Aria went in deep, armed with experience and past lessons as they shared their positive experiences tackling the VC arena with epic moves!  Link to the Pocketed platform website: to discover more and to continue the conversation. Enjoy this episode! Also be sure to tune into the sister podcast Livewithireniastories. You will hear awesome career and business strategies from the international crew.  To have your questions and stories featured in future episodes head over to the show website:  Your feedback is very important to me, so remember to follow,  rate and review this podcast on Apple Podcasts. The Canadian Side Hustle & Business Podcast was produced by Irenia Roussel including all branding, social media and artwork.

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