TBMSRadio Interview with Music Legends & Singers "The Whitehead Brothers"

The Brooklyn Beef & The Brooklyn Mike Show Podcasts

Mar 27 2021 • 1 hr

"Brooklyn Mike" of TBMSRadio.com was honored to interview music legends and singers  "The Whitehead Brothers" during the Corona Friday House Party, a regular show every Friday from 7:00pm - 11:00pm ET.

Singers, composers, and legends "Ronnie and Gary Whitehead" started singing at a very early age in church in addition to singing on gospel radio stations every Sunday.  The Whitehead Brothers were known for singing on local television and Ronnie recorded his first single at the early age of 13.  Ronnie writes and plays all kinds of instruments while Gary did singing in the background teaching others how to sing.  Additionally, while both brothers entertained and singing for thousands of people, they sang with well known musical artists around the world such as other legends like James Brown, Ike & Tina Turner, and the legendary Michael Jackson among many others.  The Whitehead Brothers also traveled around the world with the U.S.O. entertaining the troops.  The legendary Ronnie and Gary Whitehead still continue with their passion singing together to this day.  So we are HONORED to have had these two awesome individuals and legends Ronnie & Gary Whitehead on our show that we call family and friends.  So tune-in and listen to this podcast interview while we play their newest song “You’re A Rose” being released and hitting the world for the first time on TBMSRadio.com!

"Brooklyn Mike" was not only honored to have these two great music icons & talented individuals on TBMSRadio.com but also honored to have made great music family members and friends with this fabulous duo "Ronnie & Gary Whitehead" also known as "The Whitehead Brothers".

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