TBMSRadio COLD CALL to "CRABBY DICK'S" Restaurant in Rehoboth Beach Delaware

The Brooklyn Beef & The Brooklyn Mike Show Podcasts

Mar 12 2022 • 31 mins

"Brooklyn Mike" of TBMSRadio.com and the entire TBMSRadio.com crew made history by being all together in studio for the first time.  Thats right, "Brooklyn Mike", "Lisa Marie", "DJ Scott West", "Janice", and our mixologist/tasteologist, "Chuck & Stacey" were all at the home studio in Geneva, New York.  We were all having a great time during our regular LIVE Friday show,  the "Corona Friday House Party" when "Brooklyn Mike" came across a Facebook post about "Crabby Dick's" Restaurant in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware and decided to just give them a call!

We were all thrilled to be together and hugely grateful  to  the staff (Alicia & Gia) at "Crabby Dick's" for joining in with our in studio fun!  This is a real funny recording and hope you get to enjoy it as much as we did when we did it totally unrehearsed and LIVE.

If you are ever in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware we strongly encourage you to stop in and have dinner at "Crabby Dick's" enjoy the food, the staff (Alicia & Gia)  and tell them "Brooklyn Mike" of TBMSRadio.com says HELLO!

"Brooklyn Mike" was grateful and honored to have the "Crabby Dick's" staff (Alicia & Gia) on TBMSRadio.com and share in a fun time we were all having together!

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