TBMSRadio "DJ Scott West" Drops a Bomb During the "Corona Friday House Party LIVE Show"

The Brooklyn Beef & The Brooklyn Mike Show Podcasts

Mar 21 2022 • 56 mins

"Brooklyn Mike" & "Lisa Marie" of TBMSRadio.com planned to discuss the Feast of San Giuseppe (St. Joseph) during the "Corona Friday House Party" LIVE Show when suddenly Co-Host "DJ Scott West" decides to tell us of his week by dropping not one, but two bombs on us durning our LIVE Show.

We were thrilled to to hear the news about him and Janice and also relieved he is doing well concerning the first part of his news.  Download this podcast to hear the news and how we handled Scott's news while LIVE on our Show.

Also discussed, was our trip east from Geneva, NY to Utica to visit Caruso's Pastry Shop & Roma's Sausage & Deli.  Then headed back west to Syracuse to Columbus Bakery & Vince's Italian Imports to pick up more goodies in celebration of The Feast of San Giuseppe (St. Joseph).  Additionally, we talked about the "Drink of the Week" dedicated to our trip from our mixologists, "Big Daddy Slick" (Chuck) & "Red" (Stacey) called "Leave the Gun, Take the Cannoli".

Again, our congratulations goes out to "DJ Scott West" & Janice  and also our get well wishes to "DJ Scott West".

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