Brooklyn Beef Episode #008 - "Where is America Heading"

The Brooklyn Beef & The Brooklyn Mike Show Podcasts

Jul 3 2020 • 47 mins

The "Brooklyn Beef" is a Podcast Series part of "The Brooklyn Mike Show" and which will be a series of podcast topics in dealing with the stupidity and disrespect in people, politics, government, situations, processes, or anything that just really pisses us off!

Join me, "Brooklyn Mike" and co-host "Mike Sculli" and DJ Scott West on "The Brooklyn Beef Podcast".  This episode is called "Where is America Heading"  This episode is huge when it comes to thinking about where our country is going with all that we have experienced during the year 2020.  The Democrat Party and the agenda of the far left radicals, would like to turn this country into something you and I don't want.  They are also  making a serious attempt to destroy the greatest country in the world and the country we love so much!  This episode is a tribute and in support of the Geneva Police Department (GPD) and the devastating resolutions passed by the city council against the GPD.  These politicians who pass these devastating type of resolutions is an ATTACK ON OUR COUNTRY and MUST BE VOTED OUT!

Love. Peace, Music, & God Bless Our Great Nation, the United States of America!

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