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6. Minutes to Murder - Ohio vs. Lindsay Partin
May 2 2022
6. Minutes to Murder - Ohio vs. Lindsay Partin
On March 8th, 2018, Jason Wesche dropped off his 3 year old daughter, Hannah Wesche at her daycare provider’s home. They lived next door to each other. That Morning Hannah didn’t want her father to leave her and asked for extra kisses and hugs to delay his inevitable goodbye. As he left, Lindsay Partin carried Hannah inside where she asked for a donut and then collapsed onto the floor. Within Minutes Lindsay called Hannah’s Dad to say Hannah had collapsed. Then she called 911. Lindsay told the 911 operator that Hannah had fallen the day prior and hit her head. From the time Jason dropped off Hannah and then received Lindsay’s phone call was a span of just 3 minutes. Earlier in the week there were other injuries from other falls. When Jason asked Lindsay about the black eye, bruising on Hannah’s chest and bruises under her chin he got what he believed to be reasonable explanations. Dueling medical experts said Hannah’s fatal injuries would have incapacitated her within seconds. A Defense expert said it could have been up to 12 hours. The timeline from Jason’s custody to Lindsay’s custody was under 3 minutes. Did the tight timeline leave room for reasonable doubt? Join us on the next episode of Crime Trials where we discuss the trial of Ohio vs. Lindsay Partin.Hosted and Voiced by - JT @JHO_Voiceover Creative Director - Kat Morris at Hi 5 Holly ProductionsWritten and Researched by Stephanie Moore - @Podcast_WriterCreator and Executive Producer - C&L Media LLC