Think Like a Producer

Tiff Tyler, Christine Baird

Ever wonder what it takes to create top-ranked podcasts and YouTube channels? What kind of a team is behind a chart-topping show week after week? How your content can skip past the rookie mistakes and achieve momentum that lasts? The answer to all your questions is to think like a producer. Meet your hosts, Tiff Tyler and Christine Baird, the co-workers who became friends as they’ve filmed, edited, and produced multiple top influencer podcasts over the past 5 years. Get ready for great stories, excellent strategy, unexpected tips, and honest advice as you learn to think like a producer.
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Welcome to Season 2!
Sep 9 2021
2 mins
Understanding Your Podcast's PerformancePicking Your Marketing Social PlatformsMarketing with Earned, Owned, and Paid MediaUsing Collaborations to Make Content That People Want to SharePros and Cons of Multiple YouTube ChannelsUnderstanding Your Budget and Getting an ROIProducer v. Host (How to Choose Your Role)Tips for Writing Great Episode ScriptsHow to Build an In-House Production TeamNeed-to-Knows Before Hiring a Film CrewUnderstanding Private Feeds and YouTube PremiumWays to Use Podcasting and YouTube Besides Long-Form ShowsContent Strategy That Reveals Your ExpertiseChoosing Your Ideal Show FormatPlaying to Your StrengthsWelcome to Season 2!3 Questions to Get Clear on How a Podcast Fits Into Your BusinessHow to Plan an Awesome Podcast LaunchHow to Measure Your Podcast ResultsShould I Have Podcast Merchandise?