How to Successfully Plan for a Video Shoot

Think Like a Producer

Dec 22 2022 • 19 mins

“Crew and talent are just different types of people to work with.”

As we say in this episode, there's no way to know all of the things you need to plan for and prepare for as a producer of a video shoot until you've done it. However, we do want to help you speed up the learning curve as much as possible, so this episode covers the main pitfalls of first time video creators (especially in podcasting) and how to avoid them. We talk to our friends Heather and Cally, co-hosts and producers of multiple education podcasts, about how they have learned to organize their teams, talent, and time to make their video shoots flow smoothly. Like we keep saying, this is why it pays to hire an experienced crew, but even if you're DIYing it, this episode will save you lots of time and stress.

This season of the show is all about using a studio and a crew to film your show and make it look its best! That means that we filmed the whole season in Christine’s new studio in Salt Lake City, Worthfull Studios! We invite you to watch the full episode on YouTube to see everything we are talking about >>