What to Do With All Your Video Content

Think Like a Producer

Dec 15 2022 • 13 mins

One of the most common, and most avoidable, issues we see podcasters and YouTubers make is that they record lots of great content and then it . . . never sees the light of day. It's so easy to get excited about a video shoot and when it's over, assume you are done. But the real work happens in what we call post-production -- the project management, editing, and strategy that actually gets your videos out into the world in a timely manner looking their best. This is something we both do professionally, so we wanted to walk you through this often-overlooked part of the process of making great media for your business.

This season of the show is all about using a studio and a crew to film your show and make it look its best! That means that we filmed the whole season in Christine’s new studio in Salt Lake City, Worthfull Studios! We invite you to watch the full episode on YouTube to see everything we are talking about >> https://youtu.be/wOq6ohh4RRY