Restore Yourself. Restore Your Marriage.

Shellie Anderson

It can be really hard to fix a marriage when you feel broken inside. It can be a challenge to try to meet your spouse's needs when your own are not being met or even fully understood. If you grew up religious or with high moral standards, this can add even more stress to the equation. This is a podcast that talks about the many challenges in marriage, and yes, even intimacy, and how they are effecting you on a personal level. Each week we take a deep dive into what is keeping your foot on the brakes when it comes to your arousal levels and what drives you to step on the accelerator. As your certified Life Coach, we will explore many fascinating topics, such as the different styles of arousal, the many types of intimacy, how blame effects our mood, the reasons we engage in these recreational shenanigans in the first place, and how life coaching skills get us through it all. read less