50. Starting Over During a Mid-life Crisis, Staying in Your Own Lane & Letting Your Art Guide You w/ Wendy Robinson

Life Styled Podcast

Jul 20 2021 • 52 mins

Episode 50

In today's episode I'm joined by Wendy Robinson who is an artist and creator. Wendy had it all, a full time teaching job and owned her own home, but around the time she hit 40 she decided to sell all her things and run away in a van. Since then she has developed her art into her job, created a youtube channel, and brought together a community of creatives online. During this episode we'll discuss:

  • Following what feels good
  • The reality of leaving your full time job and how to sustain yourself
  • How to become confident in your work as an artist
  • The importance of staying in your own lane
  • Being inspired by someone vs. losing yourself trying to emulate them
  • The realities of van life and living on the go
  • The power of routine

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Wendy's YouTube: The Unexpected Gypsy
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Wendy's Instagram: @the.unexpected.gypsy

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