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Carrying The Mental Load & Why It Matters
Nov 20 2023
Carrying The Mental Load & Why It Matters
In this episode we delve into the often-overlooked aspect of relationships: the mental load. Do you ever find yourself exhausted in your relationship? Studies reveal that women often bear the brunt of additional responsibilities in relationships, leading to stress and resentment. We explore the concept of the "mental load," encompassing tasks like meal planning, decision-making, and scheduling. Discover how these responsibilities disproportionately fall on women, affecting relationship dynamics. We break down real-life examples, offering insights into the cognitive labor that goes unnoticed.Tune in for a thought-provoking discussion on the mental load, gain insights into relationship dynamics, and learn practical strategies for achieving balance. LinksWhy So Many Single Women Without Children Are Happier Love and the Brain: Do Partnerships Really Make Us Happy? Here's What the Science Says Marriage and Men’s Health Ask an Expert — Five Ways to Share the Mental Load in Marriage  Women Carry Most of the Mental Load of Running a Household Time spent in primary activities (1) and the percent of married mothers and fathers who did the activities on an average day by employment status and age of youngest own household child, average for the combined years 2003-06 Invisible Household Labor and Ramifications for Adjustment: Mothers as Captains of Households The Cognitive Dimension of Household Labor Mental Load Self Test for Homework and Domestic Work Get Comfortable Podcast Links Follow on Instagram: @GetComfortablePod Join our Facebook Group: Watch on YouTube: