How to Collect Feedback AFTER Presenting a Marketing Report

Growth Marketing for Martians

Feb 15 2021 • 16 mins

You could simply ask your audience if they have any questions, but more often than not, you run the risk of hearing crickets. You’re a marketer, so consider a more creative and engaging way to seek out feedback, to access it, and to improve. Today we’ll discuss a variety of ways--some even quite fun--to solicit feedback from peers, colleagues, audiences, and managers. You’ll leave with actionable ways to immediately implement a feedback loop into your work. https://blog.gorizen.com/how-to-collect-feedback-after-presenting-a-marketing-report (Enjoy this episode in written form, human.) Learn More About Smart Data Reporting:https://blog.gorizen.com/effective-data-reporting-requires-storytelling.-heres-where-to-start (Effective Data Reporting Requires Storytelling. Here’s Where to Start.) https://blog.gorizen.com/data-worth-tracking-for-top-of-funnel-audiences (Data Worth Tracking for Top-of-Funnel Audiences) https://blog.gorizen.com/data-worth-tracking-for-middle-of-funnel-audiences (Data Worth Tracking for Middle-of-Funnel Audiences) https://blog.gorizen.com/data-worth-tracking-for-bottom-of-funnel-audiences (Data Worth Tracking for Bottom-of-Funnel Audiences) https://blog.gorizen.com/make-marketing-data-come-alive-with-multi-channel-attribution (Make Marketing Data Come Alive w/ Multi-Channel Attribution) Growth Your Brand W/ Rizen!Attention fellow marketers, managers, and business owners! This podcast is brought to you by Rizen, a revenue growth firm focused on innovative strategies and proven tactics to scale your business. Learn more about how they can help you by visiting www.gorizen.com. https://www.facebook.com/793399640752569 (Facebook) https://www.instagram.com/rizeninbound/ (Instagram) https://www.linkedin.com/company/9388116 (LinkedIn) https://twitter.com/rizeninbound (Twitter) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRo2SPn9g0FxnDNiEWkU1HQ (YouTube) https://www.gorizen.com/contact-the-rizen-inbound-marketing-team?hsCtaTracking=f5f2ace4-ddd9-4b70-a165-dd01014cfc34%7C168bf503-9c58-4f70-bacd-ee8c8ecdbb18 (Schedule A FREE Consultation)