Virtual Study Spaces, Yik Yak, and the History of Education


Feb 21 2021 • 1 hr 4 mins

This episode is all about studying. We're joined by Marton Kosdi-Kovacs, Co-founder of - a platform for online study sessions. We talk a bit about bindr, and Marton's experience as a young entrepeneur, and spend the rest of the hour taking a look at the highly interesting, yet often overlooked history of the system of education.

Why do we have an age-based cohort, compulsory 12-year education system? Why hasn't it changed? Should it change? How so?

Listen in to hear a range of different, rather radical suggestions for changing the way we experience school, as well as a look back at the Yik Yap app, and Zain's old encounter with an infamous royal family member.

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Intro and outro music: Secondo Primo - 20syl