Ep4: Navigating Real Estate Success with Guest Melia Hord

Making Home Happen

Feb 3 2024 • 1 hr 12 mins

Today, we have a truly special guest, Melia Hord, a tenacious force in the real estate world with a decade of experience under her belt. We'll dive into the gritty details of preparing for professional real estate licenses, the invaluable role of mentors, and the significance of continuous learning in this ever-evolving industry.

Melia will share her journey of overcoming ego to join a real estate team, her view on the amazing agents that paved the way without today's technology, and the profound personal rewards of helping clients fulfill their dreams of homeownership. Together, we'll unpack the importance of professionalism, dressing the part, and the deeper purpose behind our work in this field.

Also, Melia will offer her insights on the challenges of being an independent contractor, financial literacy for agents, and the critical need for self-discipline and accountability for entrepreneurial success. We'll touch upon the transforming landscape of real estate, including corporate buying trends, the scarcity of homes for individual buyers, and the paramountcy of financial education.

Expect to hear Melia's plans for the growth of her real estate teams, her partnership ethos, and how client relationships transcend mere transactions.  Contact Melia Hord at melia@meliarealty.com https://www.meliarealty.com/

Check out Melia's Podcast "Just Ask Melia" on Apple, Spotify, or wherever you find your podcasts.