Shadow and Bone S2E8 - Fandom Hybrid Podcast #239

Fandom Hybrid Podcast

Jun 6 2023 • 1 hr 52 mins

#shadowandbone #grishaverse In the season 2 finale, Alina makes the ultimate sacrifice to tear down The Fold. Kirigan's plea for reconciliation falls on deaf ears. Faced with an impossible decision, Alina breaks a promise. Kaz attempts to make amends with Inej, as Jesper does the same with Wylan. Genya suffers a terrible loss. Sturmhond takes to the skies again, with a different face. Nina's attempt to get Matthias released is thwarted by Pekka Rollins. Alina puts her demons to rest, but a new threat during Nikolai's coronation may bring truth to Kirigan's prediction about her future.

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