Iowa Opinion

Dylan White

I was named after Bob Dylan. Not the Bob part, but the Dylan one. Here are a few minutes on some questions I'm pondering, conclusions I've drawn, or even simply what has my attention. This is Iowa Opinion - commentary for the Midwest. Take a few and hear me out.
Bon Appétit - Iowa City is booming, even the meat is getting huge.I’m a Man: Sometimes gender stereotypes are humorous.BIG Sandwiches - Eating interesting things gives you an interesting experience.Iowa Worthy - If Iowa isn't that good, someone will beat them."Come Get Some" - Tyson: Covid-19 incentives are something over nothing.Wave Goodbye to Colbert - Who cares what a late night host has to say about tradition?Forget the Coast - Iowa craft beer is awesome.What's The Dream? - Iowans want to live life.Letter To The Public - Another symptom of poor leadership is written.Suck My Wake - Pontoons over jet boats.Go The distance - Corn Flakes aren't for breakfastBoomtown Power-Up - Big Groves Boomtown Golden Ale at every golf course.Rules Debate - City Council Meeting Needs Law and OrderIRONMAN DSM - The outcome is experience.Patriot? - There's nothing wrong with the Pledge of Allegiance.FORE - Golfers can be uptight.Blofeld Bezos - If you're a Bond Villain, buy an old film studio.Help and Support - Is it an and, or an or?Read Less - The age of information can consume you.