Episode 3: Diversity, Inclusion, and Off-Campus Study: A Conversation with Marcy Sacks

Postcard Pedagogy

Jul 21 2020 • 15 mins

In this episode, I speak with Dr. Marcy Sacks, Julian S. Rammelkamp Professor of History at Albion College, about her essay, "Promoting Inclusivity in Academia: A Case Study in Taking Underrepresented Students to Research Archives in the United States" (an essay you can read for free here.) Our conversation also considers structural barriers that limit equity in the Academy, the differences between diversity and including, and putting current events and social protests into historical context.

This episode includes music from the Free Music Archive: including Sunset Stroll into the Woods by Podington Bear, and Linen, The Spring Instrumental, Ocena, and Coral by Chad Crouch.