#7 Independent Tanzania with Dr Derek R Peterson

High School History Recap

Feb 26 2021 • 53 mins

In this episode we explore the history of Tanzania with East African historian, Dr Derek R Peterson of the University of Michigan. We start by looking at the early history of this East African state: from the ancient Swahili to the creation of the East African slave trade. We also compare the legacies of German and British colonization (including a discussion of the Maji Maji Rebellion). We also trace the development of the Tanganyika African National Union (or TANU). Ultimately, we consider the socialist policy (called Ujamaa) of Tanzania's first (and long-reigning) president, Julius Nyerere. What should we make of Nyerere's impact on Tanzania's development? Nyerere clearly has a contested legacy. Join our conversation to find out why.

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