Must-have legal documents for small business

The Australian Hairdressing Council

Aug 22 2023 • 14 mins

The Australian Hairdressing Council and Cherrypicka Legal Docs have collaborated to provide salon owners with a suite of easy to use legal docs to help overcome some of those tricky every day situations; to minimise your chance of disputes or bad reviews and to improve your customer experience.

Cherrypicka believes that everyone deserves access to quality legal docs irrespective of your budget.  Cherrypicka’s legal docs are delivered straight to your inbox.

Available individually or as a custom pack, Cherrypicka is excited to announce the introduction of the following documents to our site tailored just for hairdressers:

  1. Hair Salon Booking Terms – sets out all the key information about booking, deposits, payment, refunds, liability and more
  2. Website Privacy Policy – tell your customers how you will use and hold their personal details
  3. Hairdresser Risk Acknowledgement: - document your discussions before performing a tricky treatment or colour
  4. Client Break Up Letter -tell you clients nicely they need to seek services elsewhere
  5. Social Media Influencer Agreement – don’t get burned by bad collabs
  6. Client Photo Ownership Policy: explain to employees and contractors how they can use photographs they take of your clients both during and after their employment ends
  7. Rent a Room Agreement: rent additional space in your salon to freelancers who offer complementary services such as massage, nails or beauty? Get clear on the terms!

Special offer: AHC and Cherrypicka are offering $50 off the Salon Premium Pack (bringing the price down to $349).  Please use code ahc-cherry at checkout.  Offer is available for 30 days only. You can access the pack here:

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