National Recording Artist- JD Eicher

Armstrong "In The Loop Podcast"

Mar 31 2022 • 1 hr 14 mins

This week's episode is one we'll never forget! Greg Rhoton, Armstrong Neighborhood Channel Producer & Creator of Telly Award Winning shows (Street Scene, Counterpoint- A Musician's Tale), joins the show to co-host this episode. Greg was able to connect us with Youngstown's own JD Eicher. JD is a phenomenal musician and creative genius in the music industry.

We learn all about JD's start in the music industry, at the age of 23, and where his career has taken him over the years. We talk about how the pandemic wiped out the entertainment/music industry and forced him to get super creative. JD created his own Patreon subscription page which has hundreds of hours of content that can only be seen by subscribing.

JD also shares two songs off his newest album, Majesto Sessions. We first take a listen to Kamikaze and finish the episode with Back To Me. Both can be found on JD's Spotify Page:

Before we end the episode, JD talks about his experience working with award-winning American Novelist, Nicolas Sparks. This story is one for the ages and helped give JD the idea of writing his own novel. He recently released The Lights Along Majesto which is a companion book to JD's newest album Majesto Sessions.

We greatly appreciate JD spending an hour with us for this episode!

Please check out JD Eicher by visiting:

*All tour dates and concerts can be found on JD's website