Revival Cry with Eric Miller

Eric Miller

Be encouraged as Eric Miller, the founder of Revival Cry International, discusses principles for revival and challenges your heart for missions. Eric & his wife Casey were transformed during the Brownsville Revival in 1998. They have been married for 25 years, raised 5 children and discipled many while serving as full-time missionaries in the Philippines. Eric speaks with passion, clarity, faith, and authenticity, a true "voice in the wilderness” preparing the way for a coming move of God. Listeners will be inspired to remove compromise and pursue Jesus for personal revival. read less

Interview with Philippines Missionary Michael Bailey
Aug 31 2022
Interview with Philippines Missionary Michael Bailey
Interview with Philippines Missionary Michael Bailey Join Revival Cry podcast host Eric Miller as he interviews Missionary to the Philippines Michael Bailey. Eric and Mike have worked together for 22 years on the mission field. Listen as Mike shares his testimony, experience at the Brownsville Revival, and their ministry in the Philippines. Mike and Jeanette have established a ministry called Hope for all Children. It is a multi-faceted missions base located in the Philippines. They have a team of committed believers in Jesus Christ, comprised of families and individuals, who are seeking to address four of the world’s greatest injustices in our generation: Orphans, Child sex slaves, Starving children and Abortion. To find out more about the ministry of Mike and Jeanette Bailey and Hope for all Children: Website: Email:   To Support Revival Cry or find out more information: Facebook: Instagram: YouTube: Hope Radio: *9.965Mhz Shortwave Radio in Asia Sunday Times: 11:30AM-12PM UTC (7:30AM-8AM EST)   To Purchase Eric Miller’s 30-Day Devotional: “Hearing God through His Creation” (English) “Escuchar a Dios a Través de Su Creación” (Spanish)