Web3: The Start of the Power with Sandy Carter

Tech Transforms, sponsored by Dynatrace

Mar 2 2022 • 29 mins

Sandy Carter, SVP and Channel Chief at Unstoppable Domains and former Vice President at Amazon Web Services talks about the groundbreaking work she is doing with Web3. Listen in to get more information on Web3 capabilities and hear about the chaotic creation that Unstoppable Domains is taking on. Episode Table of Contents[00:53] A Leading Pioneer in Web3 and Digital Transformation [08:280] A Hot Topic Element of Web3 [15:12] Women Are Getting Involved With Web3 [23:04] What Web3 Means for the Government Episode Links and Resourceshttps://www.linkedin.com/in/sandyacarter/#experience (Sandy Carter) https://unstoppabledomains.com/ (Unstoppable Domains) https://www.eventbrite.com/e/unstoppable-wow3-youtube-live-registration-269962624477 (Unstoppable Women of Web3) https://www.uber.com/ (Uber) A Leading Pioneer in Web3 and Digital TransformationCarolyn: Today, we're talking to https://www.linkedin.com/in/sandyacarter/#experience (Sandy Carter), and I'm excited to have her all to myself. Sandy is a renowned technologist, bestselling author, and current senior VP at Unstoppable Domains. She is one of the leading pioneers in the digital business, and a former Fortune 25 business executive. She’s a leader focused on helping companies with innovative and digital transformation through culture and technology, like AI and Internet of Things. Sandy, you have an incredible background. You've been with IBM, recently with Amazon Web Services, and now you're working with Unstoppable Domains. I would love for you to tell us your story. What is the journey that you've had with your career? How did you get to Unstoppable Domains, and what is it? Sandy: Well, it's really interesting. You'll notice in all of my companies, IBM, and then you missed a startup. I had a startup in between and then AWS, and then now a startup with Unstoppable. All of those companies were on the leading or bleeding edge of technology. At the time I was at IBM, we were bleeding edge for social media and business, which was that Web 2.0 era. I then went to form my own company and I was doing artificial intelligence. In fact, I thought it was so cool. I was doing like a Myers-Brigg on companies to determine their culture so that we can match them with the right innovation tactic. That way, they didn't go and try something that didn't fit their culture, because culture eats strategy for lunch.Developing the Right Processes for Web3Sandy: Then I moved on to Amazon, and Amazon was all about the cloud, another tech transformation that was going on. I learned so much from each of these companies. Leadership principles from Amazon and how to develop the right processes and mechanisms from IBM. From my startup, how to be really scrappy and to do things that 80/20 rule; not perfect, but good. Good for the customer, valuable for the customer, but not necessarily reaching that perfection mark. When Web3 started out, I was really interested in it. I’ve done some blockchain at Amazon Web Services and I was fascinated with the new technology. So I started doing all of these side projects on NFT, setting up my wallet, doing all this stuff on the side. It turned out that a company approached me called Unstoppable Domains. I was fascinated by what they were doing in the marketplace. They’re focused on digital identity and how, in the Web3 world, you take your identity with you. It's not linked with a particular application. I thought that was fascinating given my history. Looking at Web3, I was like, why would I keep doing these side projects when I could do this full time? So, I came on with Unstoppable. The founding team is great, the portfolio of products is really fascinating to me, and the partners are all the who's who of Web3. So, here I am and I'm having a blast. Web3 Centralization and DecentralizationCarolyn: You talked about several things that are a little baffling to me. First of all, Web3. I'm embarrassed to say that I really haven’t heard that term...