Unparalleled Innovation with Jennifer Ewbank, Deputy Director for Digital Innovation at Central Intelligence Agency

Tech Transforms, sponsored by Dynatrace

Mar 23 2022 • 46 mins

Jennifer Ewbank, Deputy Director for Digital Innovation at Central Intelligence Agency joins Carolyn and Mark to talk about the unparalleled work in integration and integration she and her teams are doing. Jennifer talks about the importance of partnerships in IT, data and cybersecurity and how Digital Innovations, the newest branch of the CIA, is transforming security. Episode Table of Contents[00:58] Jennifer’s Opinions on DDI’s Unparalleled Innovation [08:35] Integration of Digital Capabilities and Unparalleled Innovation [16:06] Unparalleled Innovation on Cloud Computing [24:04] Unparalleled Innovation in the Digital Landscape [32:00] Applying Unparalleled Innovation Into Our Mission [39:44] A Space Nerd With Unparalleled Innovation Episode Links and Resourceshttps://www.linkedin.com/in/jennifer-ewbank-534779224/ (Jennifer Ewbank) https://www.cia.gov/ (CIA.gov) https://www.amazon.com/full-digital-nation-Estonia-break/dp/285071013X (Full Digital Nation) https://www.amazon.com/Party-Secret-China8217-Communist-Rulers/dp/0061708763 (The Party) https://www.amazon.com/2034-Novel-Next-World-War/dp/1984881256 (2034) https://www.amazon.com/Girl-Seven-Names-Korean-Defectors-ebook/dp/B00JD3ZL9U#:~:text='The%20Girl%20with%20Seven%20Names,life%20by%20North%20Korean%20standards (The Girl With Seven Names) Jennifer’s Opinions on DDI’s Unparalleled InnovationCarolyn: Today, our guest is https://www.linkedin.com/in/jennifer-ewbank-534779224/ (Jennifer Ewbank), Deputy Director of CIA for Digital Innovation, also known as DDI. Jennifer is responsible for accelerating the development and integration of digital and cyber capabilities across all of the CIA's mission areas. We're so excited to hear from you today, Jennifer, and get your opinions on the DDI and its contributions to the CIA. Jennifer: Thank you so much for the invitation, I'm really excited about our conversation today. I love nothing more than sharing a little bit about the great work that the men and women of the CIA are doing on behalf of the American people. To talk about how this intelligence landscape is changing dramatically along with the digital transformation we see around the world. We're here on the 1st of March. I wanted to acknowledge that, as we have a conversation today about one of these topics I love tremendously. It's really critically important for the intelligence business, it is taking place against the backdrop of events unfolding in Eastern Europe. So, just about a week ago, Russian troops invaded a sovereign nation and brought war back to the European continent in a completely unprovoked act. I just wanted to assure anyone who might be listening to the podcast that the CIA is intensely focused on our national security around the world. We're focused on that crisis and working as part of an integrated US government team to do what we can to bring about a rapid end to these senseless hostilities and the return of Russian troops to the Russian Federation.Unparalleled Innovation on What Matters MostJennifer: I just wanted to ensure, whenever people listen to this, that they understand that we are focused on what matters most at the moment. I'm taking a few minutes out of an otherwise very hectic day to talk about this topic. It’s really important from a strategic perspective but is perhaps not the most urgent topic on our plates today. Carolyn: Honestly, what you do is integral and so important to everything that you just mentioned. Let me see if I can get the words out right but in supporting the sovereign nation. What you do with the digital side of things and this mission, that cyber domain is incredibly important. Jennifer: Yes, we've seen it play out a bit so far in unprovoked attacks on Ukrainian entities. Our role, sometimes, may not be known to those outside of the intelligence community and that's most of America. We work for the US government, we work for the US people, absolutely. But we also support our allies and partners