Pando The Trembling Giant

The Whoopie Chicken Podcast Show

Dec 15 2020 • 36 mins

Episode 57  Word of The Week: Banana  Yesterday’s Weather Forecast: Richfield, Utah  Whoopie Roadtrip: Pando The Trembling Giant  Sample Snacks Live! Fruit Snacks and Candy Corn  Our caller motivates us with a positive attitude  Whoopie Science: Unbelievable Strange Laws Quiz!  Special Celebrity Guest: The French Fromage Follies – also known as Fromage Aux Folles   The Whoopie Chicken Podcast Show is a funny, family friendly podcast for kids and their parents – made by a kid and her parent. Laugh & learn fun facts with Athena and her sidekick, Daddy. Music, jokes and infotainment.