Nov 3 2021 • 19 mins

Joining Six-Gun Justice co-host Richard Prosch for this edition of Wild West Wednesday is something of a Renaissance man...Doug Hocking served in the US Army Military Intelligence branch as well as the Armored Cavalry. He spent many years in the Far East, speaks fluent Chinese, holds advanced  degrees in American History, Social Anthropology, and Historical Archaeology, and is the winner of the Will Rogers Medallion Award and the Co-founders Award from Westerners International for his novel Terror on the Santa Fe Trail: Kit Carson and the Jicarilla Apache, which was also a Western Writers of America Spur Award finalist...

Although his roots are in Cornwall and New England, Doug Hocking grew up on the Jicarilla Apache Reservation in North Central New Mexico, the Rio Arriba where he still maintains close ties to friends, Paisano and Indio. It is a land of mystery, miracles, and Penitentes. His Tom Jeffords: Friend of Co-Cochise, a biography was also a Spur Award Finalist. He has twice been awarded the Danielson Prize for best program.

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