Your Brand is Your Reputation with Jay Franze

The CPA Marketing Genius Podcast

Feb 16 2022 • 15 mins

Our special guest for today’s show is Jay Franze. Here’s a little something about him:

Born and raised in a suburb of Boston, Jay spent his early years building his passion for leadership development with a focus on the entertainment industry. After graduating from college Jay moved to Nashville to work in Music City, building a name for himself during his 25+ years as a leader in the industry. Jay is an author, speaker, coach, with a passion for leadership development.

His coaching focuses on branding and development, leading people and teams to reach their maximum potential through strategic coaching. Jay is an Advisory Council Member for Harvard Business Review, an Advisory Board Member at Rutgers University, and a 2020-2021 inductee of Marquis Who’s Who in America. He is also the host of Franze and Friends, where leaders share their secrets. Jay has also spent 10 years in the security industry, including his time spent as the Vice President of the Northern California Market and the Vice President of Strategic Account Operations at G4S Secure Solutions, the largest security firm in the world. Jay has written three books and countless articles. His latest book “Leadership: lessons from the field” is a collection of blog posts that turn managers into leaders through lessons Jay has learned from his time spent in the field. Jay currently lives outside of Cincinnati with his lovely wife, Jennifer, his two beautiful daughters, Bella and Lucy, and their two dogs, Charlie and Zoe.

In this episode of the CPA Marketing Genius Podcast, Salim and  Jay will be talking about branding strategy that lifts the burden off of marketing. Jay is an expert brand strategy coach, and his expertise indeed proves how all business owners and individuals alike should be well-aware of the simplest to complex strategies, keeping you on top of the market. If you are interested in Branding strategies, then this is the episode for you!

[00:01 - 03:12] Opening Segment

  • Welcome to the show!
  • I introduce our guest for today’s show
  • Jay shares how he got into the branding space

[03:13 - 14:29] Building the path to your own brand

  • Key things on how we are seen by others
  • Put emphasis on connection!
  • How to show up through our websites
    • The do’s and don'ts
    • Self-presentation’s importance
  • Authority and Credibility in Branding
    • Your social media presence
  • Deliver value through social media

[14:30 - 15:58] Closing Segment

  • What you need to understand when you build your brand
  • Connect with me and our guest, Jay, in the links below
  • Final Words

Tweetable Quotes

"We read much into the way we first meet someone or something for the first time than we think we do.” - Jay Franze

"People don’t engage with a blank business, they engage with a person.” - Jay Franze

"Everybody has a reputation, whether you’re an organization or you’re an individual. You have a reputation. Developing that reputation is what matters.” - Jay Franze


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