Willing To Be Wrong

Dr Joshua Wolrich

Fancy being wrong about something? That's a rhetorical question, of course, you don't... no one does. The thing is, once the initial discomfort has passed, it's truly the best way way to grow as a human being. Welcome to Willing To Be Wrong, a podcast with the intention of doing just that. My name is Dr Joshua Wolrich and I'm an NHS surgical doctor, nutrition MSc student, author and accidental influencer. Like all healthcare professionals, I was taught by a system that practises medicine in a weight-normative manner, where a focus on body weight is used to try and define health and wellbeing. After internalising the weight stigma I'd been subject to for years, I left medical school believing that I couldn't be a good doctor if I were fat, prompting further disordered eating and a damaged relationship with food. After a difficult couple of years of being challenged on my beliefs by people far cleverer than me, I now believe that healthcare has to become weight-inclusive if we're ever going to change the massive problem of weight stigma and the both direct and indirect harm it does to patients. Join me as I talk to guests about a wide range of topics from the complex nature of weight and health (and why neither should be treated as a personal responsibility), to nutribollocks such as 'celery juice detoxifies your liver' and why it's utter bullshit. The guests aren't all experts (as that wouldn't be fun) and the questions are rarely pre-prepared, but true conversations tend not to be. My debut book, Food Isn't Medicine: Challenge Nutribollocks & Escape The Diet Trap, is now available for pre-order online on Amazon, Book Depository, and elsewhere. For more information, you can find me on social media @drjoshuawolrich.

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A Brief Introduction
Feb 25 2021
7 mins
#9: Anna Sweeney - Navigating Diet Culture as a Dietitian Living with Multiple Sclerosis#8: Zoe Pearce - Living with Lipoedema#7: Sarah Nicole Landry - #PassTheMic, Privilege, Detoxes and Cupcakes#6: Stephanie Yeboah - Body Positivity, the Medicalisation of Size and COVID Mortality#5: Teddy Okechukwu - Are Medical Students Taught about Weight Stigma?#4: Pixie Turner - Emotional Eating, Wellness Wankery and Coffee Enemas#3: Amanda Lee - Medical Weight Stigma, the History of the BMI and Why Weight-Centric Healthcare Is Just Lazy#2: Callie Thorpe - The Predictable (yet Painful) Response to the Cosmo Cover, 'This is healthy!'#1: Megan Crabbe - Eating Disorders, Body Positivity and 'Zero-Calorie' NoodlesA Brief Introduction