7 Fun and Easy Thanksgiving Activities for Families to Make Happy Memories

CK & GK Podcast

Nov 14 2023 • 48 mins

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Engage your family in fun activities that will keep them entertained and out of your hair while you're busy in the kitchen. —Caitlin K

Join hosts Caitlin Kindred and Jenny GK as they explore fun and engaging Thanksgiving activities for families. Create happy memories together using the power of gratitude and inclusivity—while creating a space for you to get things done—and add a few new holiday traditions!

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Whether it's playing the M&M Gratitude Game or making a DIY family gratitude tree, CK & GK’s creativity and enthusiasm will inspire families to create a Thanksgiving experience that is both enjoyable and meaningful. Get ready to be inspired and entertained as they share their expertise on Thanksgiving activities for families on this episode of CK & GK Podcast.

In this episode

Listen for fun Thanksgiving activities that the whole family can enjoy together, like

  • the M&M Gratitude Game
  • a DIY family gratitude tree
  • more Thanksgiving games and traditions to bring joy and laughter to your celebration



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