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You're Doing Great | Our Interview w/Empowering Parents CEO Kimball Lewis
Dec 6 2022
You're Doing Great | Our Interview w/Empowering Parents CEO Kimball Lewis
Hey, Parents, how are YOU holding up? We're not sure about you, but our kids are really making sure we stay on our toes this holiday season. You too? This week, we're thrilled to welcome Kimball Lewis, CEO of to the show to talk about parenting for the average parent -- you know, YOU, the parent who wants to honor and validate your child's feelings without losing your, um, *sheet.*Caitlin and Jenny talk about Deion Sanders and the University of Colorado and Spotify Wrapped 2022, and then get right to the good stuff with Kimball, likewhy kids act out, how to avoid those terrible fights about their responsibilities, and why it's so important to separate yourself from your child's negative behaviors.For more information about Empowering Parents or to access their free resources, head to You can find links to some resources below and more about Kimball Lewis on our website and blog post {{}} for this week.Link to Empowering Parents: @empowering_parentsTwitter: @Emp_ParentsMore Resources from Empowering ParentsFree PDF for listeners: 5 Ways to Fix Disrespectful Behavior NowLink to their foundational program: The Total Transformation Program OnlineLink to Parent Coaching The best support is a rating and a share. Love,CK & GKSupport the showView our website at or our LinkTree. Find us on social media @ckandgkpodcast on - Twitter- Instagram - Facebook- TikTokThanks, y'all!