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Escape This Podcast

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Our Editor's Take

Escape This Podcast explores a variety of escape-room puzzles and tabletop roleplaying games. Episodes are a mixture of audio escape rooms and discussions about game design. Listeners can play along with the game or listen as guests try to escape the room. Hosts Dani Siller and Bill Sunderland target the show to fans of puzzles and immersive games.

Dani is the show's game designer, while Bill produces. Dani explains what goes into a game-designing career. Bill often acts as the game's puzzle master, who controls the game room. These games come in a range of difficulty levels. Most are accessible for a first-time participant. Each has an original design and is downloadable to play at home. Some escape-room themes include adventure, horror, fantasy, and sci-fi. Players might be imagining themselves in dungeons, part of a costume party, or locked in an abandoned store.

In game episodes, the puzzle master begins by describing the room. They describe what the player can see, and players can ask to explore the room further. Participants can take notes on descriptions provided by the puzzle master. As they go along, they discover clues. Like a regular escape room, the goal is to escape in the allotted time. Escape This Podcast brings celebrity visitors to the show to play the escape-room games. Gaming guests include Neil Patrick Harris, Matt Yule, Travis McElroy, and Alex Horne.

In discussion episodes, Dani and Bill talk about previous escape rooms with guests who played them. Players sometimes have game-room design experience themselves. The hosts interview game designers Lauren Bello and Rita Orlov in one episode. In another episode, Tori Fica from Level 1 Geek and Nathan Smith from Knights of Vasteel appear.


New episodes of Escape This Podcast are available every week. Escape-room episodes are around one hour long. Discussion episodes are approximately 30 minutes.

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