Jane Turner, guest on Think Bigger, Grow and Succeed

Think Bigger, Grow and Succeed

Jun 12 2019 • 24 mins

Think Bigger, Grow and Succeed is the theme for the Professional Services Marketing Conference 2019 – Saturday 17th August, 2019 – Book Now!

At Think Bigger, Grow and Succeed on Triple H 100.1FM we are interviewing professionals on the topic of seeing the bigger picture and discuss how individuals at work or in business can do this so they grow and ultimately succeed at their goals.

This is a one hour program designed to be motivational and uplifting , we’re discussing skills and approaches to get you to the next level.

Think bigger, Grow and Succeed is the theme of the Professional Services Marketing Conference 2019 being held on 17th August and the conference is a proud sponsor of this program.

Think bigger, grow and succeed is a 20 part series Triple H Program to support business owners, executives and professional individuals wanting to develop their career or business. Adrienne McLean interviews experts in their field and discusses how they have thought bigger and what are their recommendations for growing and succeeding.

Jane Turner is a gifted speaker, sought-after business consultant, and Certified Master Coach. She is the author of Thrive in Midlife, Weight Loss in Midlife, and Mindset for Authors: How to overcome procrastination, perfectionism and self-doubt.

Jane designed the Power Writing Program to fast track her clients to published author status, and the Power Publicity Program to show them how to leverage that status to broker free publicity.

1. What are the pro’s and con’s of staying in your comfort zone?
2. What are your recommendations for thinking bigger about your goals and aspirations
3. What happens when one goes out of their comfort zone and test new approaches?
4. What is the best way to approach achieving a goals?