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Yvonne Chapman's Riveting Journey from Medicine to Acting
Nov 25 2023
Yvonne Chapman's Riveting Journey from Medicine to Acting
Imagine leaving a secure nine-to-five job to chase a dream that may or may not come to fruition. Sounds exhilarating, right? Our guest for this episode, the brilliant Yvonne Chapman, did exactly that - swapping a career in medicine for the stage and screen. We kick things off by diving into Yvonne's riveting journey from Calgary to Vancouver, overcoming initial parental resistance, auditions, rejections, and the triumphant feeling of that first breakthrough role. You'll surely be captivated by her tenacity and the lessons learned along the way.But our conversation doesn't stop there. We delve deeper into Yvonne's experiences in the industry, from the wisdom shared by a taxi driver about conquering fear to the significance of having a solid support system. As Yvonne narrates her many auditions before landing her first job, we underline the importance of savoring the journey rather than obsessing over the destination. This episode is packed with incredible moments of doubt, persistence, and ultimately, victory.We then veer towards Yvonne's affection for fantasy, drama, and comedy roles, challenging stunts she learned for Kung Fu and the thrill of her upcoming projects like Avatar. Lastly, Yvonne dispenses her advice for aspiring actors - patience, a positive attitude, and the sheer importance of loving the work itself. So gear up for an episode full of insights into the world of acting and the power of chasing dreams, with the wonderful Yvonne Chapman guiding us through her fascinating journey.Support the show