Day 117 – The 11 Mountains of Excuses

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Sep 25 2015 • 10 mins

Wisdom-Trek / Creating a Legacy

Welcome to Day 117 of our Wisdom-Trek, and thank you for joining me.

This is Guthrie Chamberlain, Your Guide to Wisdom.

The 11 Mountains of Excuses

Thank you for joining us for our 7 day a week, 7 minutes of wisdom podcast. This is Day 117 of our Trek. Yesterday we explored the reasons we make excuses and realized that it boils down to fear.  Today we want to extend this exploration and discover the types of excuses we make. Tomorrow we will learn how we can eliminate excuses forever. Please make sure you listen to all three episodes.

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We are recording our podcast from our studio at Home2 in Charlotte, North Carolina.  This has been one very exciting day for the Wisdom-Trek team. Our younger daughter Janet turned 30 today, and we were able to celebrate with her and Rowan, our son Fred and Doug, along with a few other family members and friends. I am not sure when Janet passed me in age, but I guess it happened.  It was a nice evening together. We were also able to have our close friend Howard over for an early dinner this evening. It was great to get caught up on his recent activities.

Our niece Sarah Jenkins and husband Andrew also gave birth to their son Bennett today. Plus, I was featured in a podcast interview that was released today on the All In Podcast Show hosted by Dan Giordano.  Take a minute to listen to the show. It was a great experience.

Last, but certainly not least, our middle son Barnabas and his wife Leesha went to the hospital today, and we are waiting for our sixth grandchild, Evelyn Grace to be born. Granny and Gramps are anxious for the news of her arrival.

With all this good news and the activities of the day, it was a bit hard to focus on the work at hand. We did not allow these events to keep us from our tasks that needed accomplished, though. It is so easy to use daily events in our lives, our current situation, or our upbringing as excuses, but we need to take responsibility for the outcomes or results in our lives.  On today’s Trek, we want to examine the 11 most common excuses that we all use at times, and tomorrow we will learn how to overcome them. Our trail today is a longer one, so strap up your hiking boots and come along with me on a fast paced trek over the 11 Mountains of Excuses.