Inside Edition for Thursday, June 02, 2022

Inside Edition

Jun 3 2022 • 17 mins

There's big reaction around the world today to Johnny Depp's big victory in court. Now, the question is - can his ex-wife Amber Heard actually pay the more than 10 million dollars in damages? According to her lawyer…the answer is no. And America is grappling with yet another mass shooting - this time at a hospital complex in Tulsa. Four people were killed, before the gunman took his own life as cops moved in. Authorities say among the dead was a surgeon and the shooter was his disgruntled patient. As Steven Fabian reports, it’s just the latest shooting in which a doctor was targeted. Plus, with all the upsetting news in the headlines this is the kind of story that reminds us there are still good people out there. After a car crashed into a man and a woman on a motorcycle...more good Samaritans than you can count rushed to help. And it's probably a book that won't be on the president's summer reading list. His ex-daughter-in-law has written a memoir about being married to troubled first son Hunter Biden. And it’s chock-full of bombshells.

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