Episode 47: Get In Control Of Your Loan & Finances with Nathan Massie

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Jan 8 2023 • 40 mins

Nathan Massie is a lead Australian Mortgage Broker & is the managing director at Sprint Finance. He has e settled around $500 million in lending. He specializes in helping people get control of their loan, rather than their loan controlling them.

Along the way he helped hundreds of new homeowners/investors realize their dream of property ownership & help them achieve their financial goals.

In this episode, I talk with Nathan on how the lack of financial education can affect your mental well-being, lead to more divorces in relationships and causes more drama in life. The earlier we take control of our finances, the better.

The Episode Covers:

-  What’s Your Definition Of Wealth & Freedom

-  Where To Start When Being Broke

-  Control In Loan VS Loan Controlling Us

-  Lifestyle and Behaviors of Billionaires

-  Mental Health Consequences of Financial Pressure

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