Break! Taking a Break this Week

One Small Bite

Jul 6 2022 • 4 mins

Hi Folks - this week's episode is just a quick heads-up that I'm taking a break from podcasting this week. I'm on a little family getaway for the 4th of July and my birthday, and it's time for me to connect. I preach it a lot, so I'm walking the walk. I hope you too are able to find that important "me-time" and add some close intimate connections back into your life.

Stay tuned because next week I start a new series on the affects of stress on eating, sleeping, joints and back, your gut health, your heart and mind. So, get ready cuz I got some great content coming your way.

Thanks for tuning in. Following on IG or Twitter @OrozcoNutrition, DM me or leave me a review on Apple Podcast or Spotify. Love to hear from you. Thank you again!

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