Journalism, Podcasting, and Asia — Andrew Peaple

Global Law and Business

Aug 17 2021 • 58 mins

In Episode #69, we are joined by Andrew Peaple, editor at The Wire China, and co-founder and presenter of the Asia Matters podcast.

We discuss:

  • Andrew's journalism career, including a 16-year stint at The Wall Street Journal.
  • The JET Program and why it represents a soft power triumph for Japan.
  • How journalism has been impacted by the growth of the public relations industry, as well as the emergence of social media.
  • Asia Matters, and how it was partly motivated by existing gaps in non-China Asia coverage.
  • The importance of understanding how Asians are interacting with each other - not just DC thinktank perspectives.
  • The culture shock of returning to the UK after many years abroad.
  • Brexit and Britain's importation of the American culture wars.
  • What it means if someone in the UK compares you to Marmite.
  • Listening, and watching recommendations from:

We’ll see you next week for another exciting and informative episode when we sit down with Robert Fatton Jr., one of the foremost experts on Haiti.