Knight of the Sun Podcast, Session 7. Bone-Dust Hill.

Knight of the Sun

Sep 1 2021 • 1 hr 2 mins

Knight of the Sun

Podcast Walkthrough Session 7

“Bone Dust Hill.”

Music is “Dark 80s Synth” by White Bat.

Time signatures:

1:35. Final encounter of the creek. Fatigue?

3:00. Camping on the hill if they miss the window to open the tomb.

3:40. Cloud cover.

4:35. Entering the pathways around the hill.

5:57. The map of Bone Dust Hill.

7:00. The paths through the thorns.

7:50. Hacking short cuts through the paths.

9:26. Elevation marks on the map in the book (area #10 is at the top of the hill, so all slopes lead up to that location).

10:53. Some info about the battle that took place on this hill, and details about the defensive earthworks that were built on the site.

12:48. Where the ditch and earthwork lays around the hill.

14:47. Encounters around the hill.

16:20. Encounter area #3. The Specters.

17:05. The skulls and the ritual used to bind the Specters to the skulls.

19:15. Attacking the skulls. 10hp in one shot (or in the same round) to destroy it.

21:25. Encounter area #2 notes.

22:00. Encounter area #4. The Standoff.

23:18. The two bands of skeletons.

25:24. Disturbing the skeletons.

26:10. The henge-point of the encounter.

27:50. Giving a hint.

28:20. Dicing to resolve the skeleton fight, if it can be sparked between the Undead groups.

29:30. The surviving commander takes control.

30:10. The PCs have to fight or avoid the separated patrol groups.

30:46. Giving a hint to those who have read the book “Heroes of Bone Dust Hill.”

31:35. Encounter areas #5 and #6. The paths over the ditch and earthwork mound.

36:30. The muddy pit trap in the ditch at #5 and #6.

37:32. Complication any fighting at area #6 from area #7.

39:44. Area #7 combat resolutions.

40:27. Traveling from area #7 to the shrine (area #10) at the top of the hill.

41:29. Area #8. The Thorn Blights.

43:57. Area #9, The Hidden Camp.

45:20. .pdf trap difference with the Hidden Camp.

47:20. Hidden body at the Hidden Camp in the .pdf and the XP opportunities concerning the body.

48:37. The horses at the camp and missing the Hidden Camp.

49:57. Important Loot in the camp, adding details in Al’Tharron’s stuffs.

51:44. Mindra and/or Silas following the PCs.

53:05. The Shrine. Area #10.

54:45. The Thorngre.

56:13. Opening the tomb and getting a first look into the tomb.

56:55. Sacrificial Pits in the tomb, and the first of those encountered at the top of the stair.

58:54. Tracking on the stairs.

59:07. Wrapping up: notes on handling extended stays at the shrine.

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