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Let's Try a Walking Meditation and Upcoming Projects Chat
May 10 2021
Let's Try a Walking Meditation and Upcoming Projects Chat
Hello listener! In this episode, we will be doing a walking meditation that you can do either physically or mentally. The goal of the meditation is to leave behind that which no longer serves you with each step and bring with you only that which is in alignment with your highest and greatest good. I also talk about an upcoming project/resource that I want to share with everyone, a digital journal/book of shadows that can be used in any note-taking app (like good notes or notability) and will hopefully help you to consolidate/collect resources. I'm going to also work on including pages that can be put into the journal too! Stay tuned for more updates!   The tarot spread of the week is as follows: 1 - What do the cards invite me to acknowledge at this moment? 2- What do the cards invite me to leave behind? 3- What do the cards invite me to reflect on moving forward? You can e-mail me at or contact me on Instagram with your comments, questions, tarot questions, or even ideas/requests for meditations/topics that you would like to hear. I always love to hear from you!   P.S. I recorded this meditation in two parts and unfortunately, my allergies kicked in on the second day of recording :( Stay safe and stay well! Cheers! -Brad- Instagram @meditation.magick Email:   Music from Storyblocks: “Waking Life” by Lance Conrad