How to Improve and Maintain a Successful Pace of Play in Golf | Episode 017

She Talks Birdie

Nov 8 2021 • 19 mins

One of the biggest complaints golfers I hear golfers express about the game is how long it can take to play. But the last thing you want to do in response to slow play is to rush because that strategy can actually add time to your round.

The strategies in this episode are practical and centered around the parts of the game you can control because other people's pace of play is not.

I am constantly hearing the frustrating and disappointing stories of rounds when someone tried to make up for another’s pace of play. It’s simply an approach that is going to backfire on you.

I am not suggesting that you should play at a slow pace that prevents you from staying in position relative to the other golfers on the course. I believe that you should take a quality approach to every shot and set a pace that enables you to do that.

In this episode, you'll learn how to respond best to external and internal motivations to speed up your pace, and three ways you can better prepare for your next round so you play more efficiently.

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Here's how this episode plays out...

  • [8:04] Why you might be rushing - There's never a good reason to speed up your pace of play because by doing so you invite negative consequences.
  • [10:39] How to be sensitive to the pace of your body - Emotional stress can also compel you to rush but there are signals your body gives to help you know when you need to get your pace back under your control.
  • [13:13] 3 ways you can improve your pace of play before you play - Discover the three strategies that will help you play more efficiently.
  • [13:46] #1: Reviewing the course - Take time to refamiliarize yourself with the course you are about to play so that you limit the surprises and unforced errors that could catch you off guard.
  • [14:36] #2: Adjusting your strategy - Review the holes where you've lost shots, balls, or found yourself in tough situations to adjust the way you plan to play them.
  • [15:41] #3: Taking a simple focus to the course - Select one thing you wish to take action on that will help you play better or more consistently in that area of your game.
  • [18:16] Episode Summary - Here you will find a quick synopsis of this episode.