The Best Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Next Swing Lesson - Part One | Episode 015

She Talks Birdie

Oct 22 2021 • 18 mins

When you are working on a swing change the inconsistency of being able to hit the ball the way you’d like or create the shot shape you’re working toward can be frustrating. Did you know that your mental game can help you assimilate a swing change faster and easier?

The best learning takes place in an environment devoted to learning off the course -- an environment where it’s okay to make mistakes, hit loopy shots, and micro-manage your mechanics without negative repercussions to your score. That place is on the range.

If during a training period in your game you choose to spend some time on the course, you have to also maintain the right environment there to learn and grow. This means leaving your score out of it.

If you want to make changes to your swing and get the most out of your lessons with your swing coach, you must have a training plan that consists of specific rules to help you make progress.

Part One of your plan, which I cover in this episode, centers around the rules associated with creating a great training environment for your work on the range. In the next episode, I will talk about how you can play when you are in a training phase.

Be sure to grab your free copy of the worksheet for this episode HERE.

Here's how this episode plays out...

  • [9:01] Rule #1: Set Aside Time to Train - It's important to give yourself pressure-free time and space to learn and grow. This means staying off the course.
  • [10:06] Rule #2: Embrace the Growing Pains - Making changes means moving outside your comfort zone and that can sometimes be a bit painful. You have to recognize that it's the price you pay for progress.
  • [11:04] Rule #3: Lead with Patience and a Positive Attitude - Negativity slows the learning process by bogging your brain down with irrelevant distractions. Positivity paves the way to improvement.
  • [12:13] Rule #4: Keep Your Goals Small and Incremental - Avoid trying to bite off more than you can possibly accomplish by prioritizing what one thing you need to focus on changing first.
  • [13:17] Rule #5: Be Mindful of Your Position on the Journey - Success doesn't happen overnight and it takes time to develop new habits in your swing. Instead of focusing on what's not working, appreciate where you're going.
  • [14:27] Episode Summary - Just want a quick synopsis of the 5 rules, you will find them here.

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